Wheat groats and chicken, lamb or beef are boiled in water, whisking on a wooden shovel until they become viscous. When eaten, melted oil (sometimes spices) is added. In ancient times it was considered a ritual and holiday meal. Prepared for solemn days (weddings, folk holidays, etc.). After being cooked in the oven all night, they were mostly eaten on Sunday mornings. It is considered the national dish of Armenia.


When Gregory the Illuminator, coming out of Khor Virap, comes to Vagharshapat, he has been preaching for sixty days to the local pagan Armenians who listen to him with interest. To feed the poor, he commands the farmers to bring in plenty of oil and sheep. When the oil and the sheep are brought in, the Illuminator slaughters the sheep; They put large boilers on the fire, fill the meat in it, and the shell on it. He then orders the thick-bodied ducklings to mix the meat in the saucepan, saying, “scrape it.” From there, the name of the meal remains harisa.

Harisa has a historical and mysterious past for the Musalerites. During the heroic battle of Musa Dagh, the besieged Musaler residents had wheat and goat meat and thus made soup. Harisa was their only source of food and vital to their survival.

English classwork

What can you say?
1.Where is your school?  My school is in Bangladesh
2.Where do you live? I live in Bangladesh
3.Which subject is your favourite? Why?

4.Who is your favourite teacher? Why?  One of my favorite teachers is Miss Milena and I did Hasmik because I like their lessons the most.
5.Is English hard for you to learn? Why? Not so much for me because I love learning English and Miss Milenea explains the English lesson very well.
6.What would you like to change at school? will not change the language of this school because I like everything in this school
7.What is you favourite place at school?  My preview schools are the library and the marble hall, you can read a book at the library. Its marble interior is very beautiful.
8.What kind of subject would you like to have? I would like you to have the dances of this nation
9.How many lessons do you have every day? Create this course by grade and quantity
10.What would you like to become in the future?(job, profession) I have not yet decided what I should become