Passive voice

Simple present -am, is, are+V3

Simple past- was, were+V3

Simple future- will/shall+Be+V/3

Modal verbs (may, can, must, have to, should-would, to/had, to/has)+Be+V3

Present perfect-have+has+been+V3

Past perfect-had+been+V3

Present continiues-am/is/are +being+V3

Past continiuse-was-were+being+V3

Future continiuse-will-shall+being+V3

Present perfect continuse-have, has+being+V3

Past perfect cntinuse-had+being+V3


104. Fotball is played all over the world

105. The children must loolked when we are

106. This is begin dis problem was being discussed

107. Much about the book is speken/Much is spoken about the book.

108. The envelope was found on the shelf

109. This book was bought week ago

110. I hought that the letter had alredy been received.


112. The window was broken by John.

113. Tomorrow that letter wil bee posted

114. Your report is being discyssed now.

115.Out time-table shall be changed in a week

116. They were meet Tom.

117. This letter has just been brought

118. Why hasn`t the letter been sent yet.

119. She was showed the shorted way ot the station.

120. A few questions about Shakespaere were asked to be lecture.